The Adonis golden ratio

I’ve already made a post about the Adonis golden ratio, but I wanted to add some extra information here, in case you’ve been misled about what its intention is.

Well actually come to think of it I think we know what its intention is — it’s about aiding men who want to get into relationship with a woman, and you may be having difficulty doing so at the moment.

What I want to clarify is whether or not it actually works: is it just a popularisation of a myth, or is there some truth behind the idea that the Adonis index fitness programme and weight loss program is based on a true biological principle?

Well, there have been plenty of people who want to destroy the integrity and authenticity of the program, along with its author John Barban.

adonis-1 (1) goldenratio1 (21)On the other hand of course the big plenty of people who want to demonstrate how true it is, and how well grounded in scientific fact the program is – Hopefully not just because they want to sell the program!

dream-man-woman-beachSo what I am to do here is trying establish whether you can actually get the fitness of an Adonis – and believe me, that was no mistake of the pen, I’m using the word fitness in both senses in relationship between men and women.

Sure, we all find somebody who looks good and attractive prospect, the thing most of us would admit that we build our relationships and other factors such as mutual affection, intimacy and love.#

beforeafter5 beforeafter12So how on earth can we possibly claim that something like the Adonis golden ratio, which might be interpreted as a cynical way of making oneself more attractive simply for the purpose of enjoying more sex, Is a genuine way of increasing the quality of relationship, or of increasing the chance of a relationship developing in the first place?

Well, the truth of the matter is, I think, that the author of the program, John Barban, who, also wrote the Venus Factor for women, is interested in doing either of those things?

To be blunt, I think John Barban is actually really a very shrewd operator, who is an expert in Internet marketing, do is basically aiming to improve the quality of lives above men and women and make himself a great deal of money at the same time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course, provided that the people who are buying these programs are well aware of the fact that actually they may not work.

Losing weight, Building a better body, toning muscle, or requires some effort, all requires some dedication motivation. So one of the great things about the Adonis golden ratio is the fact that you actually get moneyback guarantee when you buy it, which is valid to 60 days — certainly more than enough time to decide whether or not you’re going to be a devotee of the program, or a fair weather bodybuilder who shirk the responsibility of making himself more attractive after only a few weeks.

All in all, if you actually serious about building a better body, becoming more attractive to women, the Adonis golden ratio probably does represent your best bet for achieving a better body that women find more attractive. If you want to know how the mechanism of sexual selection works, the driving force that may have led to this peculiarity of human evolution, you can check it out here.

Texting your ex back? Are you crazy?

Well, I agree, on the face of it it does sound pretty damn’ crazy doesn’t it?

Texting your ex back!

Apart from the fantasy about some nightmarish modern utopia where nobody communicates face-to-face, does Text Your Ex Backactually have anything to recommend it as a system repairing broken relationships? telephoneI think the truth of the matter is this: anything that allows two people who have broken up to communicate more honestly, without the anger and sadness that went along with their breakup, has to be a good thing. Now I’m not saying that sending sms symbolSMS messages to your ex-boyfriend, or your ex-girlfriend, is going to repair the break-in your relationship, but it is possible that messaging your ex might have something going for it. After all, when you think about the problem is that to people who’ve broken up face, were first of them is probably going to be extreme anger towards each other, and the second, is not knowing how to deal with it.

adonis golden ratio fitness program for men

A Review Of Text Your Ex Back


texting your ex partner back into relationship

These pictures show how a couple can text back together, So anything that can help people get back together if they genuinely feel love for each other and think that they have made a mistake about breaking up in the first place, has to be a great asset. Mike Fiore appeared on the Rachael Ray show a long time ago – well, at least in Internet terms, it was 2011 –  with his pioneering program for couples “Text The Romance Back!”

Since then he’s gone on to write Text Your Wife Into Bed, Text Your Ex Back, and a number of other programs,  all of which have received widespread acclaim for his sound psychological principles and simple, down-to-earth approach.

Video By Mike Fiore

So you might be wondering just exactly what is behind text your ex back, in terms of psychology of “text thing your ex back into a relationship”. The way I would sum it up is to say that it’s all about psychological principles from the TA school of psychotherapy and counseling. This is a way of achieving communication that conveys Information in the most appropriate way to the circumstances: in the earliest days of a breakup, the most appropriate way to communicate information is — not at all!

That’s a fact that is emphasized by Mike Fiore in his program, when he says that couples who have broken up should have absolutely no contact with each other for 30 days, a kind of cooling off period during which they can sort out exactly what it is they want from each other.

After that, however, lines of communication can be opened, and starting in the Transactional Analysis mode of adult to adult conversation, where emotional interactions that might be misunderstood and misinterpreted can be avoided.

As the couple re-establish the intimacy, at more and more intense levels, it’s possible to change communication from simple unemotional data exchange to gradually increasing levels of intimacy.

Mike Fiore provides absolutely everything that you need to turn his theoretical method of SMS messaging your ex-partner into a practical system for re-engaging with them in a genuine relationship is both heartwarming and rewarding for both.

Now you be glad to know that this system has been tested by thousands and thousands of people, and it’s met with universal approval, and very few returns for a refund. I accept that that may not Be a completely reliable indicator of a program psychological soundness, but it’s a darn good indication of the fact that people regard a highly and think that it has worked in their lives.

If you visit my review site, to which I’ve linked above, you’ll find out all about it.

While we are on the subject of relationships and dating, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about another program Entirely to do with relationships called the Tao Of Badass.

The Tao of Badass

the pick up artists symbolNow regardless of whether or not you think that these are overdramatic, or even melodramatic titles for simple programs about simple things, what certainly may be useful for you is to have an objective review of whether or not they are any good.

Some years ago a guy called Neil Strauss went undercover into the world of the seduction community, also known as the “pickup artists”..

He was trying to find out whether or not their wild and exaggerated reputation on the Internet, created by deliberately cloaking themselves in a veneer of mystery and an ethos of supremacy, had any basis in reality.

The Tao Of Badass for men who want to pick up more womenIt’s fair to say that the pickup artist community do seem to have some sound psychological principles behind their overblown claims.

Basically what they’ve established is some simple principles which enable men to attract women’s attention in an almost entraining way, which resembles hypnosis to some degree.

Now you may wonder what the heck the words Tao Of Badass are supposed to say about these men’s attitude to women, And I think in asking that question you’d be hitting the nail on the head in a very important way.

It seems to me that many of these male seduction artists are really quite immature, and have no respect for women as human beings, but simply seek to objectify them in a way that denies them their humanity, and also reduces the dignity of the men concerned. Nonetheless, it could be that these principles do actually represent an effective way of meeting women, and that as long as you behave ethically afterwards, it is a good way of establishing a relationship.

That’s a decision you will have to take if you buy the program.

Lose weight fast

Yes, many want to lose weight fast can now do so with the minimum of effort, and the maximum effectiveness.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there are massive developments in the field of weight loss, body training, muscle conditioning and body toning going on the moment.

You can take advantage of all of those massive developments by reading the Adonis golden ratio by John Barban, a man who is ideally qualified to advise on every aspect of weight loss and body conditioning.

He has several degrees in nutritional physiology, sports science, and fitness and conditioning training. By the way, his program for women is known as the Venus factor.

But it isn’t just his degrees that qualify John to comment on how men should offer themselves up for weight training, it’s actually his human qualities — he’s the best man in the field, because he understands what every man is motivated by.

I mean, let’s face it — aren’t you motivated by the desire to social success and social status?

Aren’t you motivated to lose weight fast by the desire to attract women and have a good relationship with great sex?

To be absolutely honest with you, if you answered no to those questions I would have to say I do not believe you.

You see the thing is, Many men are motivated by a desire to attract women when they start to lose weight, and there’s no better program for that than the Adonis golden ratio.

This is because the Adonis golden ratio is supposedly the body shape that actually most attractive to women — and whether you believe that or not, I think if you look at the pictures of men who have taken the Adonis training on the website, what you find is that they do look a heck of a lot more attractive than men with a beer gut.

Now I know this may or may not be relevant to you, and you might not be looking to lose a beer gut, but you might be looking for weight training, conditioning, perhaps a simple bodybuilding routine you come to expect — or you may even just simply looking for a program that allows you to lose weight quickly.

The great thing about the Adonis index system is that it will achieve all of these things for you in no time flat, and you’ll find that women are going to look at you with an admiring eye, and many don’t look at you in a completely new light to — is an amusing cartoon from the 1950s for a bodybuilding system by Charles Atlas, which sort of sums it up for me.

goldenratio1 (17)Now you don’t have to be Charles Atlas, and neither do you have to be an aspiring body builder, to benefit from the Adonis golden ratio or the Adonis index principles — John Barban has actually modified this body building routine into a weight training and conditioning system that will allow you to lose weight fast.

Perhaps “a very effective body toning and fitness conditioning system with muscle conditioning” is the best way to describe it.

So my suggestion to you is that no matter what your aspirations might be in terms of fitness, physiology, body shape, social success and dating attractiveness to women, the first thing you you should do is have a look at the Adonis golden ratio system so that you know exactly what parameters you’re operating with them when you’re trying to lose weight.

I should also add that one of the great advantages of the Adonis system is a massively supportive community of thousands and thousands of men who abuse the system before you, and who were all rooting for you, offering advice and information on every aspect of weight loss and diet, so that you’re never alone in this program




Adonis Golden Ratio

adonis-1 (14)One of the questions that I’m often asked is how it can be made easier to lose weight and gain an ideal body shape.

goldenratio1 (1)This is a question that many men would like to know an easy answer to, because the idea of pumping weights in the gym can be — frankly — quite unattractive. However, thanks to the Internet, and thanks to some particular expertise it’s now possible to get an ideal body shape without suffering the ordeal of endless weighttraining in a sweaty gym!

In fact, the Adonis golden ratio – Otherwise known as the Adonis index – is a weight loss and body training programme which will allow you to achieve your ideal shape and size in a mere 12 weeks.

Now a 12 week weight loss program seems almost too good to be true — but the fact of the matter is that of all the weight loss programs that I’ve looked at, the Adonis golden ratio system for weight control and body shaping appears to be the one that is based on provable science and realistic expectations.

So let me explain exactly what is in Adonis: it’s a combination of weight loss, body toning, body shaping, bodybuilding, and fitness exercises. Now I know that this may not immediately appeal to you, but hear me out!

goldenratio1 (16)Adonis is based on a new system of losing weight and shape in the body, not just fatuous 12 week weight loss program, or some simplistic diet plan, but a combination of scientifically proven approaches to changing your body shape in a gradual, graded, and above all easy way.

John Barban is one of the world’s most qualified fitness experts, and the nutritional specialist as well, who was consulted on many of the leading nutritional supplement companies in the bodybuilding and weight training industry.

With several degrees under his belt, and a body to match the claims that he makes, John Barban is a man who is bringing hope to the millions of men out there who would like to achieve an ideal body shape, and the confidence that goes with it.

You see, weight training than ideal body is not just about working out in a gym: it’s about knowing exactly what you should be eating, knowing when to eat it, the right schedule for exercise, and above all getting the balance nutritional elements in your diet correct.

With the help of a community of enthusiastic bodybuilding and weight training and fitness experts like yourself, and information which goes far beyond what you might expect to get the modest price that John is charging For his work, The Adonis golden ratio definitely represents one of the best options if you’re interested in achieving a higher level of fitness and body shape.

goldenratio1 (9)Because, make no mistake about it, a desirable body shape actually has the capacity to attract women in a way that you might not even expect: women are drawn to a particular body shape because they are genetically programmed to respond to men who look as though they have the alpha male genes — and the only way woman can appear to conform to the Adonis index ratio, a biologically proven ideal body shape which has the capacity to attract women.

So my suggestion to you is that if you’re at all interested in getting a better body, losing weight, turning fat around your waist and muscle, and above all shaping and toning your body in a healthy and holistic way, without straining or overworking your body, then the Adonis golden ratio system is probably the right way to go.

goldenratio1 (1)One of the reasons that I can recommend it so wholeheartedly is the fact that Adonis is offered with a 60 day money back guarantee, independent supplier, and provided by the Finance processor who will take your payment details in complete confidence.

So all in all what this amounts to is a pretty cast-iron guarantee of satisfaction — and let’s face it, that’s all too rare these days. If you want an ideal body shape, then the Adonis golden ratio is probably the best and easiest way in which to start looking for it, and probably the system most likely to give you the body you want.